National Guard Emblem and Flag

The emblem of the National Guard consists of a shield (in red), which symbolises the country's defence, and an ear of wheat (in yellow), the symbol of rural areas, on top of the blue and white cross of the Hellenic Flag, the symbol of the Nation, which symbolises the National Guard's contribution to the country's defence.
    The new emblem includes the Delphic maxim "Εχθρούς Αμύνου" (Watch out for your enemies). The maxim is attributed to Chilon of Sparta, a politician, legislator, philosopher, and elegiac poet from the 6th century BC, who is considered one of the seven sages of Ancient Greece. The famous Delphic maxims are a set of 148 short aphorisms attributed to the seven sages of Ancient Greece, inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The National Guard flag consists of three 29 cm wide horizontal stripes (from top to bottom, blue, green, and red) with two 5 cm wide yellow stripes between them and the National Guard emblem in the centre.