In modern warfare, the battlespace can include the entire territory of Greece, thus necessitating the timely mobilisation of the entire population, within the framework of universal defence.

Recent wars in various parts of the world have shown that even the most advanced means of war can not quell the resistance of a population when this resistance is organised, universal, and decisive.

The mission of the National Guard is, on one hand, to contribute to the Defence of the country, to maintain the deterrence capability of the Army, and to reinforce and assist the Armed Forces in their mission, and, on the other hand, to provide national and social work, as provided by Militiamen to local communities.

The organisation of the National Guard during peacetime, together with the upgrade of its operational capabilities, reflects a different approach of our defence policy, since it focuses on how to ensure the defence assets required to fulfill its mission.

HAGS considers the National Guard institution particularly important and intends to upgrade it by improving the training and increasing the operational capabilities of National Guard Units, since, beyond the operational field, the National Guard plays an equally important role in uplifting the morale of local populations, since its very existence is based on the recent history, tradition, and conscience of locals, mainly in border areas.

Furthermore, the National Guard Battalions are a significant contributor to the fighting power of Army Units and contribute to Greece's defence, while the active participation of Militiamen in the training activities of Army Units strengthens the bonds of civilians with the regular Army, thus forging a spirit of co-operation and common goal.

The creation of a link for Information on National Guard Matters in the official Hellenic Army General Staff website ( aims at providing better information on matters of the National Guard.