Historical Information

The National Guard from its establishment to the present.

The National Guard is an organised military force and an institution also found in other countries. In Greece it was established with the establishment of the independent Hellenic State in order to meet the need to organise the population in order to deal with the multiple security problems of the time.

As an institution, it was established by law in 1843, however it was abolished in 1879 with the promulgation of the Law "On Conscription".

In 1944, a Division-level National Guard Command was established, consisting of 40 Units. In 1949, the National Guard institution was revived with the organisation of the Defence National Guard Battalions. In 1950, a National Guard Division was established in HAGS.

LD 485/1970 laid down all National Guard matters; it was abolished by L. 1295/1982, which laid down the existing legislative framework for the operation of the National Guard until today.

In 1988, by decision of the Higher Military Council, the National Guard Division was removed from the peacetime establishment and the relevant matters were assigned to the Infantry Directorate of HAGS.

Under L. 1295/1982, the National Guard is established during peacetime as an Organic Armed Force of the Army. The personnel and equipment to man and equip the National Guard Units is laid down in their Tables of Organisation and Equipment.

The Reserve Officers – Soldiers of National Guard Units are called Militiamen, who are considered to be active duty military personnel, subject to military laws and regulations while they are on active duty. They are considered to be on active duty when on a military mission, duty, or training and only for the duration thereof.

HAGS has decided the re-establishment of the National Guard Division in the General Staff and is working on the amendment of the relevant Law in order to modernise the institution and upgrade the training provided in National Guard Battalions.